Measure is the reinvented Fashion Magazine at Marist College. We felt the former name and mission of FM/AM needed a reinterpretation for 2021. Measure is created through the Marist Fashion Program’s magazine production class, which breaks down into five respective teams: Editorial, Art & Design, Fashion, Social Media & Marketing, and Production. Under the guidance of our Academic Advisor Professor Kimberly Cutter, we have created a home for designers, writers, and creators of all kinds. Together we sought to harness the awareness we gained during the pandemic to make a lasting impact on our community—and pinpoint precisely where fashion belongs in a new world. Over the last year, our world changed faster than we could have ever imagined. Our environment shifted, and the pieces of society’s puzzle seemed to fall out of place. But Measure helped us create a new narrative amidst the confusion. Instead of trying to put the puzzle back the way it had been, we decided to make a new puzzle–one which included crucial pieces that had previously been left out—and, in the process, take charge in reimagining our future. Fashion and responsibility now serve as the core building blocks beneath our rebrand, helping us aspire to heights we once believed unattainable. Now, as we step into a new world, we ask the question…

Do we Measure up?

Meet the Team

Measure Magazine is a completely collaborative effort; but in order to tackle the curation and completion of our student magazine, the Magazine Production class is divided into five teams. Each team has a unique skill set and a running list of responsibilities:

Amanda Lauro

Student Art & Design Director

This team of creative minds design and develop any and all graphic content seen in Measure. They utilize digital tools to make all of the beautiful visuals that pop from the pages and compliment the written content. This team is also responsible for the blueprint of the issue, including the color scheme and overall layout.

Student Digital Media & Marketing Director

This team communicates the voice of Measure to the public through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and the Measure website. Their mix of marketing strategies aims to develop and demonstrate a strong brand presence for the magazine, by creating digital content that lets more people know about Measure Magazine.

Charlotte Martin
Julia Meyer
Julia Meyer
Student Fashion Director

The Fashion Team conceptualizes and curates thoughtful and emotional editorials and executes artful fashion spreads. They are responsible for the visual and photographic content for Measure, conducting multiple professional photoshoots for the issue.

Student Managing Director

This team of go-getters is in charge of logistics for Measure. By developing and maintaining a production schedule and constantly communicating with individuals from the different teams and outside of the class, the Production Team makes sure all of Measure’s trains run on time. The members of this team are often working on a variety of projects, getting a taste of what it’s like to be on each team. 

Juneve Porciello
Nora Hogerty
Nora Hogerty
Student Features Editor

The Editorial Team conceptualizes and crafts the written content for the magazine. Together, they collect, sort, revise and perfect the written pieces so the magazine approaches a professional standard and reads like a dream.

Kimberly Cutter

As Faculty Advisor for Measure, Professor Cutter steers the ship. She is our mentor, guide and #1 cheerleader—helping us articulate and realize our creative vision and encouraging us to reach for the stars.

Kimberly Cutter